What's in the name?

deep respect

In 2011, Kiyan’s 88-year old grandmother suffered a stroke that nearly killed her. The entire family was at a loss, but his mother took the hardest hit. Overnight she became a caregiver. She had to make sure her mom was eating well, taking her medications, and going to the doctor regularly.

Similarly, Darya’s dad became a caregiver for his 90 year-old mother following a hospitalization. It took Darya’s dad weeks of frustrating conversations to convince his mom that she now required in-home assistance. That was followed by months of phone calls to agencies and medical offices to get Medicaid to cover a home health aide.

For both of us, watching our parents struggle to balance their work, family, and caregiving responsibilities was difficult: it took a toll on them physically and emotionally. We’ve developed a deep respect not only for our grandparents, but also our parents who care for them day-in-day out. ReverCare is built to care for those who care.​

With gratitude,
Kiyan & Darya

Kiyan's grandmother
Darya's grandmother