Employees with aging parents spend 20 hours/week on elder care. ReverCare reclaims those hours so they can be more productive at work and more relaxed at home.

Employee-Caregivers: facts & figures

1 in 6 employed Americans cares for an aging loved.  

compared to non-caregiver peers, caregivers:

are 19% less productive

miss 6.6 more workdays

have 8% higher healthcare cost

$35B lost productivity for US employers

53% of caregivers report negative impact on career 

One-stop shop for supporting employee-caregivers



  • Elder Law

  • Paying for Care

  • Senior Living Options

  • Aging-in-Place

  • Family Dynamics

Facilitated by experienced geriatric social workers, elder law attorneys, and aging-in- place architects

Intense need to support an elderly loved one often arises with no warning. Families are left to figure out how to deal with their new reality fast. Caregiver workshops prepare employees so they can make informed decisions when it matters.

One-on-one support

Support employees through their unique circumstances.

One-on-one sessions with vetted elder care professional such as geriatric social workers, elder law attorneys, aging-in-place specialists, dementia care experts, and Medicare experts.

Katya, Esq.

Elder Care Attorney

and CFA

Jess, Certified Patient Advocate Medicare Expert

MS Gerontology Aging-in-Place Specialist

Jacqui, LCSW
Geriatric Social Worker

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