Finding Local Senior Meal Delivery Options

Healthy food is important to overall well-being for seniors and having meals delivered directly to their homes is sometimes the best option to ensure proper nutrition. Most everyone is familiar with the Meals on Wheels program that relies on area volunteers to deliver prepared meals right to the doors of seniors. In addition to this longstanding program, thanks to the Older Americans Act, there are more than 200 services nationwide.

These meal delivery services are a key component in allowing elderly seniors to enjoy autonomy. Most meal delivery services provide meals that are either ready to heat or ready to cook. Determine which solution will best serve your aging loved ones based on their health, abilities, interests, and budget.

Ready to Cook Meal Kit Deliveries

Meal kits are prepared with all the ingredients and ready to cook. The meals contain nutritionally sound dishes and easy to prepare instructions. Most kits consist of three or four meals delivered once a week. Popular choices include Silver Cuisine, Blue Apron, Diet-to-Go, Plated, and Magic Kitchen.

The ready to cook options are commonly enjoyed by seniors who enjoy cooking but find it difficult to grocery shop for themselves.

Ready to Heat Meal Kit Deliveries

The ready to heat options are geared towards seniors who cannot safely cook on their own or prefer not to. Ready to heat meal services will often cater to special dietary needs as well. A few well-liked varieties include Mom’s Meals, Martha’s Senior Gourmet, Fresh ‘n Lean, and Healthy Chef Creations.

Orders for ready to heat services are placed in advance. Simply define the number of meals and select a day for delivery. Once they arrive, they are kept fresh in the freezer or refrigerator, each equipped with simple heating instructions.


Restaurant-to-home services consist of delivering a made-to-order meal to your door. In addition to local restaurants offering delivery services, there are also third party options that collaborate with restaurants including GrubHub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.

Free Food Delivery

Nutrition and convenience needs are just part of the meal delivery options, but budget is also an important factor. Most of the above mentioned choices cost at least $12 per day for the ready to cook versions, while the ready to eat versions start at $30 daily.

The Meals on Wheels America program sometimes incurs a small fee, but is often free. You can even request a short visit from the Meals on Wheels volunteers. Oftentimes communities and non-profit organizations provide outreach programs and meal delivery services for area seniors. Meal services that are completely free include the Lifelong & Project Angel Heart that caters to individuals with serious illnesses and SNAP, which serves the elderly and disabled.

Opting for delivered meals can prolong the independence of your elderly loved ones and also provide convenience for a live-in caregiver. Food services have grown excessively over the past few years with even grocery stores offering delivery services in limited areas. Find out what’s in your area by going online or contacting local service agencies dedicated to assisting senior citizens.