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Medicare & COVID-19 Costs

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is constantly evolving its policies to keep up with the rapidly changing COVID-19 crisis.

Many Medicare enrollees are afraid of contracting the virus, but also the associated medical treatment costs that may come with it. This is why it is a good time to review your coverage. We're happy to assist: request your free Medicare Coverage Review.

Questions Answered
How much will I pay for a COVID-19 test?

Recently passed legislation eliminates fees for COVID-19 testing and related services. This includes the associated doctor's visit.

How much will I pay if I require treatment for COVID-19?

Right now, there is no treatment for COVID-19 (only treatment of symptoms). Medicare Part A will cover inpatient treatment of symptoms.

If you have:

Original Medicare

You will be subject to the standard $1,408 deductible. For extended hospital stays, longer than 60 days, there will be an additional daily $352 copay. If the stay is longer than 90 days, the copay will go up to $704 per day.

Medicare Advantage

Check your plan details For most Medicare Advantage enrollees, the deductibles and copays will be lower than those listed above for Original Medicare recipients.  

Medicare Supplemental/Medigap

Most Medigap policies cover the Part A deductible. All cover the daily copay for extended stays.

What if I get treated in an out-of-network facility?

If you're on a plan that typically requires you to receive care at an in-network facility, no worries. During this emergency period, all Medicare plans are required to charge you no more for services at out-of-network facilities than an at in-network facilities.

Will Medicare cover a COVID-19 vaccine?

There is currently no vaccine available for COVID-19. Once a vaccine becomes available, it will be covered by Medicare.

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